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The world’s legendary goalkeepers are people who have devoted themselves to football history. They became legends because of their ability to defend their goal firmly. Let’s learn about them with JiLiAsia.

Lev Yashin – Golden Ball goalkeeper

Lev Yashin is the first and only goalkeeper to win the Golden Ball in his football career. This “Black Spider”, after registering for the Dynamo Moscow Club, devoted all his talent and experience to dedicating himself to the team in 800 appearances.

He was an important figure contributing to the Soviet Union’s victory at the two leading major tournaments, Euro (1960) and Olympics (1956). With what he has done in his football career, Lev Yashin deserves to be the first name to appear on this list of 10 legendary world goalkeepers.

Gordon Banks – Best goalkeeper for 5 consecutive years

Gordon Banks is one of the rare players recognized by FIFA as an outstanding goalkeeper for 5 consecutive years (1966 – 1971) for his achievements. The 1966 World Cup victory of the English football team was largely due to him. It is very difficult for us to find a second Gordon Banks at the present time.

Gianluigi Buffon – Golden child in Italian football

Gianluigi Buffon is the pride of Italian football. He is a character who left behind a lot of fame thanks to the remarkable achievements he achieved. Some of the most outstanding achievements of his career include: being the player with the most appearances as a goalkeeper of the Italian team with a total of 176 matbeing the outstandinganding goalkeeper keeping clean sheets in the most consecutive matches in Serie A history.

Manuel Neuer – The man who redefined the goalkeeper role

One of the goalkeepers that surprised many people with his talent. Not only does he do a good job as a goalkeeper, but he also has the ability to block opponents’ attacks on goal like a real defender. He is the name that IFFHS favorably honored four times as the best goalkeeper in the world.

Dino Zoff – once won the World Cup

Dino Zoff, at the age of 40, is still a key player, protecting the last line of defense of the Italian team against opponents in the 1982 World Cup tournament. It was his talent and tireless efforts that contributed to the legendary World Cup championship that year.

Not only stopping at the World Cup trophy, he also adorned his career with 6 championship trophies in the Serie A tournament as a goalkeeper of the Juventus team. As one of the names appearing on the list of the most legendary goalkeepers in the world, Dino Zoff will always be a football legend in the hearts of fans.

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Peter Schmeichel – Talented commander of the defense

Throughout his football career, Peter Schmeichel has held the role of defensive defender on two top teams, Man Utd and Denmark. He is a person with a very unique temperament and path, which makes him special.

With his contribution, the Danish team won the glorious trophy at Euro 1992. He also contributed to making Man United the champion team in 5 Premier League tournaments and 1 Champions League tournament. and 3 FA Cup seasons.

Sepp Maier – Golden cand idate

Sepp Maier is the brightest name among the goalkeepers who have joined the Bayern Munich team. As a member of the golden generation, Sepp Maier contributed to defending the goal in 536 of his appearances. He is one of the factors contributing to Bayern Munich’s glorious victory in winning the C1 Cup three times. In addition, he also won the 1974 World Cup while on the German team.

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